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What is Mandatory Training & certification Policy ? and why is it necessary?

Irrespective of the work experience In order to establish and promote standards of competency and improving service or product delivery we have been promoting training and certification as a way to achieve such objectives and promote an edge over market Competitors We have come up with this Mandatory training and certification policy. After successful completion of this policy our Employees are eligible for Outsourcing or deploying them at our Client positions.

We Offer custom solutions to deliver a competitive edge to their businesses by enhancing operational efficiency and will continue to evaluate our Brand through innovation, commitment to quality for our Trusted Clients Core Values

Mccoy's experienced team of professionals applies rigorous engineering approach to develop solutions, in order to reduce the risk associated with deploying high-impact technology. We strive to improve the flow and management of your data enabling a strong bottom line for you. We Deliver!!

With the current trend of competition, demanding customers, margins, it is very much essential to manage Business and Operations Support Systems effectively. Whether you are a business executive or a functional leader, we understand your challenges related to running such operations

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