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Mccoy’s Network optimization solution can change the way businesses work by improving and accelerating application performance across the internet while significantly reducing the amount of traffic on the network. Using Network optimization, IT can provide LAN-like access to data and applications throughout the enterprise — anytime, anywhere. It’s the only solution to span mobile workers, branch offices, data centers, and clouds, allowing a distributed workforce to collaborate in real-time. And it does all this while streamlining operations, improving visibility, and reducing the costs of IT infrastructure

  • Improve the performance of many of the most commonly used applications across the network, typically by 5-50 times and, in some cases, by up to 90 times.
  • Ensure fast, reliable access to data and applications for employees around the globe. Achieve LAN-like performance for mobile employees, no matter where they are.
  • Reduce the use of bandwidth by 65-95 percent, and relieve network congestion.
  • Cut server costs and routine IT maintenance. Consolidate servers into data centers more effectively and enable virtualization, without impacting performance.
  • Push out costly network upgrades by two years or more.

Boost Performance

Realize dramatic performance improvements across the broad range of applications enterprises care about most

  • Accelerate application performance, typically by 5-50 times and, in some cases, by up to 100 times. Business will get more out of the applications they rely on every day, including file sharing, email, backup, SSL, document management systems, IT tools, SharePoint, SAP, and ERP and CRM solutions.
  • Consolidate islands of underutilized storage from branch offices. Allow end-users and applications to access and write to centrally managed storage over the WAN as if it were local.
  • Optimize WAN bandwidth and avoid costly upgrades
  • Reduce network traffic, relieve network congestion, and lower costs
  • Cut bandwidth utilization, typically by 60-95 percent, using data deduplication across all TCP and UDP-based applications. Data is analyzed at the byte level, ensuring that the maximum amount of redundant data is eliminated before it crosses the network.
  • Utilize QoS capabilities to prioritize essential content and applications. Free up bandwidth for other applications, such as voice or video, so they can perform better.

Streamline IT Operations & Infrastructure

  • Optimize existing environment, reduce IT overhead, and align IT investments with the business.
  • Businesses can use the infrastructure they already have more efficiently, and cut the use of bandwidth, routers, and switches
  • Deploy in a matter of minutes by following a virtually plug-and-play process

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