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Mccoy’s Strategic Consulting provides strategic advice and support throughout all phases of mergers and acquisitions. Our activity covers initial screening of potential targets, detailed due diligence, support during the sales process all the way through to the implementation of operational improvements. A key element of our activity in mergers and acquisitions is the process of due diligence.

Due diligence projects are usually time constrained and time critical. Mccoy focuses attention on the areas that have the highest impact on value, taking into account the unique attributes of the buyer and the target company. We refer to this approach as a “Red Flag” report, whereby we signal early to our clients any areas of risk that are likely to have a material impact on the deal valuation; or that could even be a deal stopper.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that issues are raised early and that the key questions are addressed :

  • Who owns the target? Which assets are included in the deal?
  • What is the target’s current financial and operational position?
  • Does the target operate in growing, profitable markets?
  • Does the target have the strategy and the competence to operate successfully in this market?
  • Does the target have key competitive advantages that make is unique in the industry it operates?
  • What is the financial Business Plan for the next 3-5 years? Is it achievable?

Mccoy’s Consulting has experience in supporting mergers and acquisitions for many clients across the full process from screening through due diligence, operational improvement and sale process.

Project experience includes short term rapid activity, where quick analysis and assessment supports minimum client investment, through to longer full detailed assignments such as intense due diligence were detail investigation is of upmost importance.

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"We examine how the market for mergers and acquisitions affects the decision along with reliable support, an insightful and attention to changes in the market."