Safe Content Sharing

SCS designed to fit any business for safe Data transmission

Our platform handles encoding, review and approval, and media management with ease by combining enterprise-level security and on-demand marking with elegant usability. SCS is a highly scalable service that can deliver content to a large audience without the need to add hardware or people to monitor

Digital Text Recognition

Digital Recognition automates and enables predictive analytics.

Mccoy helps organizations to automate and optimize complex document workflows using state-of-the-art recognition technologies developed to deliver operational efficiency, improve customer response times, eliminate inefficient manual labour and–ultimately–increase an organization’s profitability.

Terra Media Message Filtering

Solution that gives you control over contents on the media

Real time inspection of data ensures an up to date and relevant user experience, minimizing the risk of exposure to inappropriate material, without losing access to otherwise acceptable sites.

Persistent Resource Locator

Solution to recognise long-lasting reference to a digital resource

Solution identifiers & attempts to solve the problems of resource identification and long-term access to digital data over media that will not change if the resource is renamed or relocated.

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