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Global software delivery offers client's with two options. Some clients choose to engage with us in a pure offshore development model where in Our Developers, Managers, and QA Professionals work in our development facility . In other cases, we deploy our staff to the Client location.

Recent economic trends have changed the landscape of IT service delivery. Software development resources are now offered through more distributed, process-centric, low-cost global delivery models which rely on using near shore or offshore facilities.

Mccoy’s flexible approach to global software delivery offers clients two model options, based on your organizational requirements.

Pure Offshore Model

Our offshore development center at Bangalore, India is comprised of state-of-the-art delivery facility and staff dedicated to our customers’ IT requirements. Our team of trained project manager, programmers and QA members understand and address your biggest challenge today: marketing, launch new products, time to respond to customers.


  • Better control and efficiencies of Scale
  • Gain Insights into application performance and end user experience
  • High Quality Development
  • Speedy transition and reduce dependency on manpower

Onsite - Offshore Model

onsite — offshore model places one or more team members at your location to serve as a liaison between you and your offshore software development team. The ratio of onshore to offshore team member depends on your specific project scale and objectives and is determined by the cost, services, project needs and effort.


  • Client and onsite team interaction during business hours
  • Reduced management time from client
  • Faster knowledge transfer to offshore staff

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