Core Banking

Corporate & Retail Banking Suite for large and midsized banks.

The search for the perfect core solution requires you to identify the components that will enable your financial institution to not only operate more efficiently and cost-effectively but also to separate yourself from the competition with a customizable, progressive system.

Internet Banking

Convenient and secure in managing your finances online.

Internet Banking allows customers of a financial institution to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by the institution.

Mobile Banking

MobiEdge- Enabling Banks to provide 24*7 Banking.

Mobile banking is a term used for performing balance checks, account transactions, payments, credit applications and other banking transactions through a mobile device such as a mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

Islamic Banking

Gives customers the freedom to bank in Shariah principles.

The term "Islamic Banking" refers to a system of banking or banking activity that is consistent with Islamic law (Shariah) principles and guided by Islamic economics. In particular, Islamic law prohibits usury, the collection and payment of interest, also commonly called riba in Islamic discourse.

Secure Connect 24x7

Banking Solutions enabling dynamic customer management 24*7

SecureConnect 24x7 is an Integrated & Robust customer delivery channel which acts as a bridge between the various Delivery channels and the Bank database for safe & secure Transactions.

Mortgage Plus

Expertise spanning the entire lifecycle of complex Mortgage Process

SecureFinance Mortgage Plus is a complete financial management solution for retail and commercial mortgages, prime and sub-prime lending financial companies for complete Mortgage Process.

Integrated Bank Accounting

Innovative solutions for complex Banking needs

SecureFinance Bank accounting software integrates complex core accounting functionalities including general ledger, accounts receivables and accounts payable with reliable or customized compliance policy, versatile revenue recognition, expense management, a detailed & well-structured audit trail with multi-currency conversions, transactions and revaluation capabilities.

Customer Loan

Shaping the future of customer for clean loan processing & Management.

SecureFinance Loan Management solution is flexible and intuitive software that helps companies in various industries manages their loan portfolios & helps financial organizations to manage premium financing and professional fee funding to maximize your organization's efficiencies, provide real-time information and take advantage of the latest technologies and innovations

GenNext Financial Messaging

Flexible routing, distribution, monitoring, archiving of Messages for finance.

The Financial Messaging is an electronic communications solutions for international real-time exchange of information related to the securities transactions and markets.

Secure Pay Plus

Faster real and effective solutions for market participants.

We offer a premier solution for processing payment systems for our Customers with competitive pricing and outstanding customer service that can make your organization card processing simpler, faster, smarter and more efficient.

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