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Mccoy is the market leader when it comes to Agile Offshore and distributed Agile Software development and we are backed by years of agile delivery experience for a number of satisfied customers world-wide. Mccoy provides experienced Agile team of software experts for your complex software development projects onsite , offshore and at distributed locations.

Complete Control and Visibility in your project:

We provide a 24*7 insight into the team and the team progress with bi-weekly demonstrations of working production ready software. We have our own tooling and communication framework called Cockpit developed for our customers to give real time insights team progress and also the live video feed of the offshore team room.

High Quality Delivered with Innovation:

We deliver high value software for your business needs in short iterations so that your business can benefit with the software already delivered in earlier iterations. Our engineering and management practices ensure that the applications developed by us are of a very high quality and gone through all the required quality checks. Apart from that you also get access to very high quality talent, which is handpicked from Asia’s silicon valley, which gives your business access to new creative ideas and top of the line solutions.

Faster delivery means faster time to market for you:

We ensure that the most important features of the project are delivered in an early stage of the project to enable you to go to the market faster than your competitors and hence we create a competitive edge for your business.

Our goal is not to take Agile as gospel but help correct development practice and take the available guidance from the agile processes.